Voila Viola (veeohla) wrote,
Voila Viola


and welcome back!!
It's been a long time since I've posted a serious-type post here so um let me try to recap life since I last wrote here.. actually I don't really remember the last thing I talked about in here, so...

Nintendo Wii is awesome,

I stopped playing FFXI, but I play WoW instead now.... lost 1 addiction take another, WoW is like the easy-mode MMO in my opinion... It's slightly more fun cos I get to ganked other players and like 10 of my friends from real life play with me... On to a different subject cos I can talk forever about that.

I don't shave the sides and back of my head anymore... my hair is all grown out and its natural color for like the first time since High School... wow....I'll probably go dye it black again soon :p

I wrote and recorded new music, but WoW pwned my life so I haven't done a live show a year.

Work is owning me too, I work like 50+ hours a week, It's not so bad... most of the time I'm sitting on my macbook playing WoW cos I'm like the bossman and have other people do work ^^;

Been going to the dentist weekly to have all my teeth that need to be fixed, fixed.

Lots of Money, but no time to spend.

bleh I don't know. questions? comments? fantasies? lets go!
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