Voila Viola (veeohla) wrote,
Voila Viola

Welcome to Plastikland.

So yeah, I'm writing a personal blog again.. I mean I could always go back to livejournal to do this again couldn't I?(or just copy and paste it and have it on both pages..) maybe.. who knows..the name "veeohla" was already taken... I'm not sure by whom... Either myself a long time ago... or maybe one of my impostors (Yes I've had multiple impostors in the past).

So anyway let's start off with what's going on in my life.

1. Quit World of Warcraft

- I was just too damn good at the game and It began to bore me... Athene talks about being the greatest paladin in the world, well I'm a close 2nd to you buddy... If not really the best.

2. Music Music Music

- After a 2 year Hiatus I'm back to the music thing... yup.. that means live shows again yay!
Hope everyone hasn't forgotten about me... so yeah come out and see me live when I start up again.. I like support ^^;

3. Police Officer Viola?

- Yes, It's true, I've taken the Police Aptitude Test and I'm probably going back to college too.

Well I guess that's all for now in this introduction of Voila Viola's current life.

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